The man behind Frikkie

Francois - the man behind Frikkie

Meet Francois Duvenhage – the heart and mind behind the Frikkie Brand. Francois is a child of the late 80’s. Born in the dry and flat lands of Upington, South Africa – he grew up as a farm boy with a generator for electricity, donkey (*fire that boiled water) as a geyser and the cattle as friends. Not to mention the lamb chops, braai’s, dirt roads, groot bakkies and lekker kuier with friends! While today, Francois and his wife live in Cape Town, South Africa – he has not forgotten the tractors, windmills, farmhouses, big wide-open spaces and the farming community. Frikkie celebrates these unique and simple aspects of South African life and it is Francois’ heart that the Frikkie brand is embraced by authentic men, young and old alike, whose roots remain grounded in hard work, family, healthy living, balance and true friendships.